Site Assessment

Our professional team have started in depth surveys on the land and surrounding area so that we can fully understand it’s composition and sensitivities.
These include surrounding land uses, accessibility, previous land uses, soil analysis, access and movements, ecology, landscape features, heritage, flood risk archaeology and noise.

Once these surveys have been completed and the results fully understood we will be able to incorporate any sensitivities into our initial designs.



Public Transport 

Buses run along Hexham Road, with stops near Drove Road as well as outside the shops:
• Near Drove Road, the eastbound stop has an old shelter with timetable but no seating or lighting while the westbound stop has no shelter.
• Outside the shops, the eastbound stop has an old shelter with timetable but no seating or lighting while the westbound stop has a modern shelter with timetable, seating and lighting.
• Bus numbers 85/ 685 (hourly) and X84 (hourly) run along Hexham Road, which reach Newcastle Eldon Square in just over 20 minutes and Hexham within 40 minutes.
Buses also run along Ponteland Road, including a stop south of Sycamore Street:
• The southbound stop has a modern shelter with timetable, seating and lighting while the northbound stop has no shelter.
• Bus number 71 (half hourly) runs along Ponteland Road, which reaches Newcastle Central Station within 50 minutes.
Recommended improvements may include:
• New shelters at the bus stops on Hexham Road and Ponteland Road.
• Increased frequency of buses through Throckley, by diverting number X85 from the A69 along Hexham Road.
• Exploring the potential for routing buses into the site.

Walking Times to Key Amenities

Throckley North - Walking Times to Key Amenities

Local facilities already exist in reach of the site, making this a prime location for sustainable development.


Local Amenities

Walking and Cycling

The site is within a short walk of several local facilities such as:
• Throckley Primary School.
• Throckley Recreation Ground.
• The shops on Hexham Road.
• Bus stops on Hexham Road.
A slightly longer walk or bike ride reaches:
• Sainsbury’s.
• Throckley Primary Care Centre.
• Westway Industrial Park.
• Walbottle Campus.
• Our initial survey of the area has identifi ed the following:
• A link from the site to Throckley Primary School would offer a traffi c-free route for parents and children.
• A link from the site to Throckley Recreation Ground would reduce walking and cycling distances to the local amenities.
• An additional pedestrian crossing on Hexham Road, west of the School, would improve safety.
• There is a stretch of narrow footpath along the northern side of Hexham Road, which would benefit from being widened to improve safety and accessibility.
• There is no pedestrian crossing on Ponteland Road.
Throckley North - Local Amenities, walking and cycling
Site Assessmetns & Objectives

Surrounding Land Uses
TN - Surrounding Land Uses

  • Existing footpath from Hexham Road to Throckley Recreation Ground to be improved.
  • Potential for pedestrian link to site through Throckley Recreation Ground.

Former Land Use

TN - Former Land Use

  • Formerly a partially mined site.
  • Currently arable grassland.Intensive site investigation carried out - Analysis of soil samples found no contamination.
  • Previously worked land to be brought back to use.
Access & Movement
TN - Movement and Access
  • A pedestrian link through Throckley Recreation Ground to Hexham Road would ensure most local facilities are within a 5 minute walking distance from the site.
  • Existing Public Right of Way crosses the site.

Ecology & Landscape Features

TN - Ecology

  • Existing landscape features to be retained and enhanced where appropriate.
  • Signifi cant trees to be retained and protected.
TN - Heritage

  • Path of Hadrian’s Wall sits at the south of the site along Hexham Road, and is listed as a scheduled ancient monument.

Noise & Wind

TN - Wind

  • Prevailing wins from a south westerly direction.
  • Traffi c noise from A69 dual carriageway affects the northern edge of the site.
  • Noise from brickworks affects the eastern edge of the site.
Flood Assessment
TN - Flood asst 
  •  Some of the site retains water under periods of sustained exceptional rainfall. Hydrological Consultants WSP were commissioned to undertake a full ssessment of the whole area to identify the reasons for the build up of rainwater under these conditions and to design a solution to alleviate the problem.

Flood Solution

TN - Flood solution

  • Water will be collected within the site in basins as part of a Sustainable Drainage System (SuDS) which will control run-off rates and prevent fl ooding. Water will exit the site through the culvert on the Eastern boundary, the entrance and design of which will be engineered to prevent the build up of debris at the culvert entrance.