Public consultation


As part of our planning application process we have held a series of public events in Throckley. 

The first event, a public exhibition, took place on 6th May at Throckley Primary School and was well attended by the local community. 

Information was displayed relating to the forthcoming planning application for the development of the land and representatives from Greenwich Hospital along with our team of professionals were on hand to discuss our proposals with members of the public.

The comments received from the public have been used to inform and develop the design of the proposed development. 

Residents from the May event who expressed interest in helping to shape the design of our development were invited to attend two Design Workshops that were held on 3rd June. The best ideas and suggestions from these workshops will be, where possible, incorporated into our design for the development. 

Once the scheme design has been completed a final public exhibition will be held in Throckley to present the plans to the community. 

Copies of the displays presented at the first public exhibition and the designs produced by the attendees of the Design Workshops are available on this web site.

If you would like to comment on these boards or have any questions relating to the development, please email and we will do our best to respond to you promptly.



Public Cofnsultation

The first event took the form of a public exhibition, held at Throckley Primary School during the afternoon and the evening. The event was well attended, approximately 140 local people in total. The Ward Councillors also attended and spent some time with everyone in the afternoon. We asked everyone to compete a questionnaire and 61 were submitted. 

The three key questions posed were as follows: 

“What type of housing would you like to see on the development?”

The response given by the community was as follows: 

  • Family housing - 30%
  • First time buyer’s housing- 22%
  • Homes for older people - 22%
  • Affordable housing - 22%
  • No houses at all – 3% 
  • Other types of housing – 2%

“The development will provide funding for facilities and services in Throckley. How would you like this money spent?”

The response given by the community was as follows:

  • Nature and wildlife – 13%
  • Parks and open spaces – 13%
  • Facilities for community use – 13%
  • Families – 11%
  • Improvements to the village centre – 10%
  • Young people – 10%
  • Paths and cycle ways – 9%
  • Public services and transport links – 8%
  • Sports facilities – 6% 
  • Older people – 6%
  • Other – 1% 

In answer to the question 

“What are the most important issues that need addressing in the next design stage?”

The response given by the community was as follows:

  • Vehicular access – 32%
  • Protect the landscape and ecology – 18%
  • Highways improvements – 15%
  • Pedestrian links to the village – 15%
  • Protecting heritage – 12%
  • Flood risk and drainage – 8%

The comments received were then analysed to inform the public attending the design workshops.



Line_GH School

During the discussions the children raised their aspirations for the future of their village and their concerns for road safety. The school had carried out some research about how parents and children found their experience in travelling to and from School, along with their mode of transport. This information was plotted onto a map, a copy of which is shown below. 

TN_Publ. Consult_Image 1 Map


                                                                                     TN_Public Consult_Children

                                                                                                                                                  Member of the School Council

The results of the answers and comments on the questionnaires were then analysed to inform the next stage of the deign process. 


Line_Design workshop

TN_Public Consult_Image 1       TN_Public Consult_Image 2



Following the public exhibition in May, two design workshops took place at Throckley Primary School and Throckley Community Hall. These workshops were held so that local residents and stakeholders could discuss their views of the development with Greenwich Hospital’s Design Team and suggest ideas that could be incorporated within the final design. Aspects discussed included, Highways Improvements, Access Options, Ecology, Landscape, History and Archaeology, Design Layout, Flood Prevention Measures and planning matters.

Attendees gathered in small groups, and with the help of professional design team members representing each discipline discussed their hopes and concerns for the development. The design team members spent time with each group ensuring that, by the end of the evening, everyone had been able to consider each aspect of the development and have them drawn on their own unique design for the site.

A selection of the design drawings produced by local residents along with bullet points listing some of their ideas is shown below. 

TN_Publ. consult_Design Workshop_1     TN_Publ. consult_Design Workshop_2


The access to the site and the impact that an increase in traffic would have on Hexham Road was raised at the consultation events. Residents stated that they experienced problems with vehicles parking illegally which, in turn, blocked the footpath and highway creating danger for pedestrians.  

In addition, many people expressed the view that further pedestrian crossing points would be of benefit together with a method of slowing traffic down. 

Finally it was pointed out that the width of the footpath running along the northern side of Hexham Road was too narrow for parents and school children to walk to school safely.

Greenwich Hospital’s Highways Consultant, WYG, carried out a Traffic Survey in the area, which lead to some suggested improvements to the road and footpaths which would help resolve the current problems. The Highways consultant attended the Design Workshop and was able to discuss these issues with those who attended.

This information was explained to the attendees to assist them in identifying their own highways improvements that could be made to resolve these problems.

The problems identified by all groups at both meetings were grouped into categories and potential solutions were suggested and drawn on plans provided. Examples of some of these improvements are shown on the following plans.

TN_Publ. consult_Design Workshop_3    TN_Publ. consult_Design Workshop_4




Line_GH Highway



 TN_Map after feedback


After some months of discussion, a programme of potential highways improvements has been agreed with Newcastle Council which, in principle could be installed into Hexham Road. These measures, if implemented, will provide wider footpath to parts of Hexham Road, help prevent illegally parked vehicles which cause blockages, improve pedestrian safety, reduce traffic speeds and keep traffic flowing.

A list of the problems and potential solutions along with a plan showing how these highways improvements may look are shown below.

These proposed improvements are on display at Throckley Primary School and at Throckley Community Hall from 12th October for 4 weeks. These improvements are our suggestion of how the problems identified by the community could be addressed. 

They are a discussion point only and will be consulted on with the public at the next Public Consultation event. If the public vote in favour of these improvements we will amend them as requested and submit them to Newcastle City Council as along with our planning application. Please note that these improvements are on offer not withstanding which of the 4 access options is used.

If you would like to raise any questions about any of the items discussed here, please email . Alternatively you can call us or write to us here