Our people

Our People Strategy – to recruit and keep competent, properly- trained and well-motivated people who are committed to achieving our goal and key targets.

Whether we achieve our goal and key targets depends on the efforts of our people for whom we provide a both modern working environment and terms and conditions of employment. We provide professional training not only for the skills we need, but also for wider individual development. In this way, we hope to give greater job satisfaction and to retain our people until a career move is essential.

Greenwich Hospital staff numbers:

Headquarters       13
Royal Hospital School    227
Total   240






Greenwich Hospital organisation - March 2017

Director of Greenwich Hospital  Hugh Player
Charity Director  John Gamp

Greenwich Hospital Projects

 Kim Richardson
Head of Charity  Sara Kortenray
Charity & Bursaries Coordinator  Minette Wright
School Bursaries Case Worker  Pat Loftus
Property Director  Gillie Bexson
Asset Manager  Louise Harris
Marketing Coordinator  Anna Rakitina
Head of Finance  Alison Gardner
Management Accountant  Joseph Kormoh
Management Accountant  Abel Phiri
PA and Office Manager  Ginette Morin