Over the last 4 years Newcastle City and Gateshead Councils have been working closely together to form their new local planning policy for the area. This policy, known as the Joint Core Strategy has been through exhaustive and rigorous procedures to establish what, where and how many new homes should be provided in the area over the next 15 years.
This site was identified by the Council as one suitable for new homes and the decision to allocate it for housing was scrutinised by the Planning Inspectorate at the Examination in Public last year.
The site passed this testing procedure along with many others in the Joint Core Strategy.
The Joint Core Strategy was considered by Council Members in March this year and adopted into planning policy.
As a result of the recently adopted planning policy, Greenwich Hospital is putting together an exciting plan for the site. The vision is to transform it into a sustainable, accessible, living environment that enhances and contributes to the existing community of Throckley.
Information on this website shows the site history and explains the background behind the current planning situation. It also shows we have undertaken detailed analysis of the land through advanced survey work to identify and address key issues.
Our proposals are being developed in consultation with Newcastle City Council, the Highways Agency, Throckley Primary School and residents. They are still in draft form and we welcome your views, comments and questions to help us establish the best design for the development.

The information displayed here shows the latest thinking behind the development of this land and represents the beginning of our design process.


Throckley North - Introduction