Greenwich Hospital and Throckley

The Royal Charter of William and Mary dated 25 October 1694 established the Royal Hospital for Seamen, latterly known as Greenwich Hospital, as a home for retired seamen of the Royal Navy, and to provide support for their widows and education for their children. As a unique Crown body, Greenwich Hospital delivers public benefit today through the provision of pensions, grants and care for seafarers in need by reason of age, disability or financial hardship; provision of education and training; and recreational facilities and amenities.  

Over three centuries the Hospital has accumulated landholdings across the UK through gifts and grants of land, including much of the Maritime Greenwich World Heritage Site in London. The Hospitals land at Throckley forms part of an endowment granted by the Crown in 1735 as a means for the charity to fund itself, which also includes land at Haydon Bridge and Berwick upon Tweed. At the time of the endowment there were virtually no buildings at Throckley, and the development you see there today has been the result of sales by Greenwich Hospital over the last two and a half centuries.     

With our long, enduring connection to the area, Greenwich Hospital is dedicated to working with the community to ensure that any further development in Throckley is sustainable for current and future generations.