Access to The Site
The exact position of the road access to the site has yet to be determined.
The Team has been working closely with Newcastle City Council to appraise the four access options that were discussed at the Examination in Public.
Newcastle City Council’s preferred access was close to the A69 junction, around the brickworks to the east of the site, but control of all the necessary land has not yet been achieved.
Another potential route through to Ponteland Road has been identified to the South of the Brickworks and discussions are taking place with the landowners to see if this access is feasible.
Two potential alternative accesses are from Hexham Road. The southern route past Throckley Primary School would be direct and close to the village centre, and discussions are being held with the School to see if this can be achieved. The western route is in our ownership would involve a new road across fi elds west of the site. The Council is satisfi ed that an access, which meets its highway standards, could be achieved.
Throckley North - Access to The Site image